Selling at the OFTB

The Ontario Food Terminal is a fruit, produce and floral market, which gives, related businesses an opportunity to purchase products on a wholesale basis.

The facility consists of 2 areas: The Farmers’ Market and the Warehouse Tenants.

Farmers’ Market:

The Farmers’ Market Tenants total 400 and they provide local fruits, vegetables and floral products.

Ontario Growers can sell their produce and horticultural products on a daily basis by paying $50.00 at the entrance gate or can apply for a stall either on an annual or semi-annual basis. Stall applications are available at the Board’s general office.

Dealers are not permitted on a Daily Basis.

Warehouse Tenants:

The 21 Warehouse Tenants provide local and imported fruits and vegetables from all over the world.

Currently there are no warehouse spaces available.