Johnvince Foods Distribution

Mr. Pulla and his family began Johnvince Foods, a privately owned Canadian company, back in the mid 1970's when the idea of bulk food was virtually unheard of in North America. In its infancy, Johnvince Foods specialized in importing, processing and wholesaling dried fruit and nuts to wholesalers and the independent retail trade. It soon became apparent an exciting market was emerging and the need for our products was never greater. With the slowing economy in the early 80's, Johnvince Foods seized the opportunity and provided the public with a "lower cost alternative" of purchasing foods in a bulk format, which was also more environmentally friendly due to less packaging. By the mid 80's Johnvince Foods was firmly established as the leader in bulk food wholesaling and retailing in North America

Our products include: Dates, Dried Fruits, Figs, Nuts, Prepared Fruits, Prepared Vegetables