Becoming a Buyer

A buyer must provide proof of business to the Board and must be part of the Food or Horticultural Industry.

New Buyers must fill out an application at the Ontario Food Terminal Board’s General Office between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.  All information contained on this application is subject to the Ontario Freedom of Information Right of Privacy Act.

There is a cost of $275.00 for a two-year access card for use of the market. (Cash or Business Cheque only).

Once the buyer has obtained an access card the buyer must return within 2-3 days after registering and pickup a numbered buyer’s decal at the front security gate.  The Ontario Food Terminal Police will affix this decal to the windshield of the vehicle. 

Ontario Food Terminal Board application for Buyer's Card


Lost/Stolen cards cost $30.00 to replace and the same expiration date applies as the original card.  If the buyer forgets their access card, a $5.00 fee (non refundable) will be charged at the security gate for access.  The buyer’s vehicle must display a buyer decal. Failing to pick up a decal may result in a warning notice/parking ticket by O.F.T. Police.

NOTE: Ontario Food Terminal Rules and Regulations are outlined on the back of the Access Card and should be followed.