Ontario Food Terminal FAQs

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Why Is The OFT Important To Ontario?

  • Provides A Competitive Market Place For Fresh Fruits and Vegetables To Be Sold In Ontario
  • Provides A Competitive Source of Supply of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables In One Location Where Buyers Can Source Their Product and Supply Their Customers With Quality Produce At Competitive Prices
  • Provides an Outlet For Ontario Growers to Sell Their Produce on a Wholesale Basis To the Over 5,000 Registered Buyers at the Terminal
  • Provides the Opportunity for Independent Businesses to Compete with Larger Businesses that have Purchasing Power and Sourcing Capabilities That Are Not Possible For Smaller Businesses
  • Provides the Opportunity for Both Sellers and Buyers to Determine What the Industry Currently Needs or Requires to Serve the Public
  • Provides A Distribution Network That Supplies Produce to All Parts of Ontario and Further East Through to Newfoundland
  • Provides Employment For All Persons Associated with the Industry, be they Farmers, Wholesalers, Buyers, Transportation and Service Industries That Employ Well Over 100,000

Is there a toll fee to deliver produce?

Yes there is a toll fee based on the type of vehicle you are driving.

  • Forgotten Buyer’s Card: $5
  • Station Wagon, Van, SUV: $13
  • Single Axle Truck:$20
  • Dual Axle Truck: $25
  • CDN Tractor Trailer: $35
  • US Tractor Trailer: $30 USD

How do I contact the OFTB?

You can email us at info@oftb.com or call us directly at (416)-259-5479.

More details can be found on our Location & Hours page.

What is sold in the market?

Virtually every type, size, and variety of local and imported fresh fruit or vegetable as well as, horticultural products, such as, annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs are available to suit the needs of many different types of customers.

Do you need to have a business to shop at the OFT?

The Ontario Food Terminal is a Wholesale market only and is not open to the public.  Businesses in the Food or Horticultural industries can register as Buyers and purchase from the OFT. Please see becoming a Buyer.

What do I wear?

Please wear Safety shoes and a coat or jacket when walking about the Terminal.

What should I bring?

A hand dolly is very useful for taking small-volume purchases to your vehicles.

Is the market wheelchair accessible?


How do you lease a warehouse space in the OFT?

Warehouse Unit space is rarely available. If you are interested in warehouse space please submit a letter of interest to the OFT Board.  Please see Selling at the OFTB.

Do farmers sell at the Terminal?

Yes. Local farmers sell their products in the Farmers’ Market area of the Terminal.

How do you lease a Farmers’ Market Stall at the OFT?

If you are interested in farmers’ market stall space, please see Selling at the OFTB.

Is there a market price sheet?

That is a beauty of a produce market; it’s not just one company selling produce. Like a shopping center with 21 produce warehouse tenants and 400 farmers market tenants.  A one stop shopping facility. It is easy for buyers to visit one location to fulfill their needs in a competitive environment. The competition lowers prices while providing an incentive for maintaining high quality.

The Ontario Food Terminal is like the stock exchange of fruits and vegetables. Here, capitalism is at its purest.  Prices fluctuate based on the laws of supply and demand for the various fruits and vegetables.

The perishable nature of produce forces sellers to move their product. Buyers shop the market and negotiate prices with the individual warehouse and farmer tenants.

How does one get a job at the Ontario Food Terminal?

There is no centralized employment centre at the Terminal.  The warehouse and farmers’ market tenants are all independent businesses and any available positions are handled directly by the tenant seeking employees.  Those tenants, then, need to be individually contacted for those seeking employment.

How do you shop here?

Park your vehicle in a designated buyer parking space and then walk along our dock system in the warehouse building area and in our farmers’ market area. Check out the Prices and inspect quality of produce offered by our 21 highly-competitive warehouse tenants and hundreds of our farmers. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Then purchase whatever you desire.

Do you sell local products?

Yes, in season we offer all locally grown fruits and vegetables. Farmers come in as far north as Cold Water, from Leamington to the west, from Kingston to the east and Fort Erie to the south to sell to buyers.

Do you have specialty houses with organics?

Several Warehouse tenants carry organic products as part of their regular product mix.

May I buy produce by weight or by the piece?

No. It's a wholesale market only, so product is sold by the case.

What types of businesses buy at the OFT?

The Terminal supports local farmers, local fruit and vegetable stores, independent and chain supermarkets, retailers, restauranteurs, foodservice, caterers, farmers’ markets, farm gate markets, florists, garden centres, landscapers, convenience stores and institutions.

Where does the product come from?

We sell products grown by countless local farmers and producers from Canada and around the world. Virtually any fruit and produce is available at the OFT.

In addition to locally grown Fruits and vegetables in North America, produce comes from the furthest reaches of southern Mexico. Growers in most of the United States ship to the OFT. Growers in most Central American and South American countries ship here, as well as farmers located in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Morocco, Israel, Italy, Spain, Holland and other European countries.