Why Is The OFT Important To Ontario?

  • Provides A Competitive Market Place For Fresh Fruits and Vegetables To Be Sold In Ontario
  • Provides A Competitive Source of Supply of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables In One Location Where Buyers Can Source Their Product and Supply Their Customers With Quality Produce At Competitive Prices
  • Provides an Outlet For Ontario Growers to Sell Their Produce on a Wholesale Basis To the Over 5,000 Registered Buyers at the Terminal
  • Provides the Opportunity for Independent Businesses to Compete with Larger Businesses that have Purchasing Power and Sourcing Capabilities That Are Not Possible For Smaller Businesses
  • Provides the Opportunity for Both Sellers and Buyers to Determine What the Industry Currently Needs or Requires to Serve the Public
  • Provides A Distribution Network That Supplies Produce to All Parts of Ontario and Further East Through to Newfoundland
  • Provides Employment For All Persons Associated with the Industry, be they Farmers, Wholesalers, Buyers, Transportation and Service Industries That Employ Well Over 100,000